Data-Driven Student Leads and Marketing Globally

GRAD+ uses big data to connect postgraduate programs and career-focused short courses with students globally.

About us

Are you looking to identify, engage and enroll high-achieving and diverse students globally?

GRAD+ uses A.I. and employment data on over 3.5M+ candidates to help match postgraduate degree programs and career-focused short courses with students globally.

At GRAD+, we know it is employment that motivates most students to invest in postgraduate study and lifelong learning, and that's why we use employment data and natural language processing to match courses with potential students around the world.

As part of the Cturtle market network for international education, GRAD+ delivers student leads that convert at 7X industry standards.

GRAD+ uses employment data to match courses with Ideal Student Profiles based on; nationality, age, education history, time since last graduation, employment history, current job title, current industry, years of experience, content engagement, social media & languages.

Our Service

Student Leads

GRAD+ matches degrees and courses using AI and employment data globally.

International Student Leads

GRAD+ has over 1.5M+ international alumni in their community, helping you connect your programs with a diverse student population.

Student Marketing

Connect your programs with over 2M domestic graduates and alumni worldwide.

Engaged Student Leads

Our email marketing campaigns are industry-leading, with 98% Delivery, 43% Open, and 11% Click Through Rates (CTR).

Qualified Student Leads

Over 53% of our student leads are qualified for the program financially and academically and enroll in a similar program within 18 months.

Return on Investment (ROI)

As part of the Cturtle market network, our student communities are connected with over 500K industry and employer partners globally, supporting the ROI of investment in education.

Domestic Alumni

1.57M+ International Alumni

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